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Banerjee Brothers Vs Chatterjee Sisters

Director : Srinivas Reddy

Cast : Allari Naresh,Krisna Bhagavana,Koti Sriniwas Roa

The story is about the Banerjee brothers who deceive people by stealing their valuables. These two brothers are supported by their parents who are also thieves. Once after deceiving a bank manager, they get caught but they managed to get rid off from the police with the help of their father. Soon this duo with the help of a picture of two girls (Chatterjee sisters) sketch a plan of trapping them in their love. The sisters were the daughters of popular personality who owned a big cloth company. Everything went smoothly. The Banerjee Brothers  managed to marry the rich girls. The sisters got aware that their husbands are imposters and in order to finish them off, they hired a professional murderer. The Banerjee Brothers had a change of mind and gave back the documents of the property to their wives, which they acquired by cheating. They understood that being frauds, would only bring them curses of people. They led a happy life working hard.