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Director : Saumik Haldar

Cast : Mainak Banerjee, Ritabhori Chakraborty, Koushik Kar, Nina Das, Rajorshi Dey, Padmanava Dasgupta

Barood, a film by Soumik Haldar is about the lives of two youngsters, Jui and Shaon. Jui is an educated girl from a well to do background. Shaon, on the other hand is a laggard and spends his days by doing petty thievery. Shaon has two sisters. Jui is the only daughter of her parents. Jui encourages Shaon to complete his studies which he has left in the midway and both of them dreams of a picture perfect life. But not all love stories are brought to fruition. What awaits the fate of the lovers is something to look forward to…..Watch this movie exclusively on Zee Bangla Originals……