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Director : Purnendu Roy Chowdhury

Cast : Bhanu Banerjee,Jahar Roy,Lily Chakraborty,Subhendu Chatterjee,Pahari Sanyal

Nupur, daughter of Digambar Chatterjee flees away from her home because of her confusions regarding marriage. Digambar announces a reward of ten thousand for a person who can inform him about Nupur. Two thwarted detectives Bhanu and his assistant Jahar comes to know about this incident on the newspaper. They both started to work hard, moving about in places to accomplish this task. Nupur on the other hand, is constantly on the run owing to the advertisement in the paper. Ultimately, she takes shelter in Anjan’s house, a renowned singer. Bhanu and Jahar, after many hardships come to know about Nupur and Anjan. They both notify this to Digambar, who gets aware of the fact that Anjan was the man with whom he fixed Nupur’s marriage. Things get fine when Anjan and Nupur tie the knot. Bhanu and Jahar though did not receive the reward but were happy to get fruitful result for the first time.