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Director : Anik Dutta

Cast : Parambrata Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, Swastika, Paran Bandopadhay, GeorgeBaker, Mir, Shaswata, Samadarshi, Mumtaaz Sarkar & others.

“Do ghosts really have a future?”Anik Dutta very deftly answers this question and brings out a different concept regarding ghosts through comic entertainment. The story begins with Ayan Sengupta, an ad director who lands up in an old, abandoned ‘zamindar bari’ for his shoot. There he meets Biplab Dasgupta, a very interesting character who narrates a story to Ayan and encourages him to make a film based on that. The story which gets narrated is a very funny one. It has multiple characters who all after death have become ghosts and are craving for shelter. The problem is- all the houses are being broken down and new constructions are emerging. The ghosts have nowhere to go and finally they settle in a big old house. The script becomes exceptional when Darpa Narayan Chowdhury and Sir Donald Ramsey take an interview of each of the ghosts who will be allowed to stay in that house. After the selection process, the ghosts from all eras and culture started co-existing in that house. The ghosts face a lot of problems when a notorious builder, Ganesh Bhutoria wanted to replace the building with a fancy shopping mall.

In the climax, Ayan gets shocked when he comes to know that Biplab Dasgupta too is a ghost and he was narrating a story of which he himself was a witness. Finally, Ayan wakes up from this long dream but, is amazed when he finds some old precious coins in that house.