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Director : Kaushik Ganguly

Cast : Abir Chatterjee, Jaya Ahsan, Kaushik Ganguly & Others

Padma, a Hindu Bangladeshi widow who lives with her aged fragile father in law. She saves a Muslim man Naseer from West Bengal, who had drowned during durga bishorjon in ichamati river that separates West Bengal & Bangladesh. Padma takes care of Naseer and gives him the identity as her cousin brother, so that he doesn’t attract suspicions. Ganesh a middle aged influential man from Padma’s village loves Padma and constantly tries to pursue her, and gets suspicious about Naseer.

Padma tries to find ways for Naseer to return to India. The two lonely souls have only each other in this dangerous situation and they start falling for each other. Ganesh gets to know about Naseers’s real identity. Naseer confesses to Padma that he lied about drowning during Durga bishorjon and that he’s connected to black market business. Padma arranges for Naseer’s return with help from Ganesh, but on one condition that Padma has to marry Ganesh.

The night before Naseer leaves Padma gets drunk and bares her pain to Naseer, broken that due to him Padma has to marry Ganesh he breaks down too. Next day Padma bids a tearful goodbye to Naseer. Naseer promises her to leave black market business. Ganesh takes Padma away to his house as Naseer leaves in a boat to Bengal.

In present day Padma is shown to be Ganesh’s wife, and it’s bijoya dasami. As she refuses to go to see bishorjon in Ichamati, her little son leaves with Ganesh to see bishorjon.