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Amidst all bloodshed and violence, Pralay and Hiya fall for each other. Pralay, on the first hand, lost his father who saw a journalist being murdered by M.L.A Rajat’s men. Rajat does not hesitate to kill anyone who creates disruptions in his life. Pralay’s family members were all killed by Rajat, when he comes to realize about Pralay’s and Hiya’s ...

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Kader Kuler Bou

Directed by Souvik Kundu, this film conveys the message of change. Change is inevitable. If there is role reversal in the society, is that going to cause an upheaval in the society? This movie has two different narratives which has the same bottomline that women are no less than men. Starring Koneenica Banerjee, Arindam Sil, Sankar Debnath this movie once ...

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