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Ayan, a young IT professional lives with his parents who are worried about his future plans, especially marriage. His mother wants a bride at home but Ayan somehow keeps missing the bus. The parents take extreme measures and visit an astrologer who asks Ayan to change his name to “Harrihar” with a double “r”. Ayan is loathed to do so ...

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Mainak, a car designer lives in London but he comes to his homeland Kolkata for a vacation. One day on the way to his home after a party he finds a raped victim Maya and admits her to the hospital. Later on he explains the entire story to his girlfriend Namrata. Understanding the current situation Namrata asks Mainak to help ...

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A dysfunctional family endures chronic illness, unplanned pregnancy, emotional instability, inappropriate affairs, and a host of other issues.

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Chhele Kar

Jogin raises Tomato, an orphan, as his own child but his health begins to deteriorate. Worried about Tomato’s future, Jogin comes up with a plan to send him to a rich man’s house as his son.

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Baccha Shoshur

Baccha Shoshur revolves around Spandan, a helpless father and his three year old son Gutlu, who is undergoing weird behavioural patterns, which only Spandan knows about. What follows is the mystery that changes everyone’s life.

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