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The movie revolves around a taxi driver, Bimal residing in a town. His only passion was his taxi (the old 1920 Chevrolet model). The movie depicts about Bimal’s everyday life. In this busy life, Bimal’s only partner is his taxi which, he named Jagaddal. Ritwick Ghatak directed this movie. The story is based on Subodh Ghosh’s short story. The movie ...

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This movie makes an excellent watch for the soul reason that it is based on children. Five notorious kids who are quite popular among their friends bring the adage back to their life once again- ‘United we stand, divided we fall”. With the motto of doing something meaningful for the society, they are constantly on the thinking spree. They are ...

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The movie deals with a married couple Rajib and Rakhi who shifted to Bhubaneshwar because of family issues. Biren Roy, a friend of Rajib’s father gave the entire responsibility of his business to Rajib. Bijay, son of Biren Roy, was basically an arrogant and cunning man who lived separately with some criminals. When he heard that Rajib is the owner of ...

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Directed by Pinaki Bhusan Mukherjee, the movie ‘Chowrangee’ was completely a different concept in the year 1968. The movie centers on a five-star hotel where the lead characters somehow meet the worst parts of their life. Destiny had shattered their lives and there is no happy ending as such. Shankar who is the protagonist is a writer who witnessed the ...

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Sonar Kella is a 1971 mystery novel and a 1974 film by the legendary director Satyajit Ray, and one of the rare successful adaptations from a bestselling book to a great film. A young boy named Mukul is obsessed with drawing pictures of golden fortress and claims that he remembers everything from his past life in Rajasthan and comes under ...

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