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Witness the melodramatic life of Anirban as he falls in and out of love, first with his wife Malabika and then an young girl Aleya. A few ridiculous attempts of murdering his wife before succeeding gives him a chance to live with his sweetheart Aleya. But for how long? Will Malabika’s ghost let him find peace in Aleya’s arms?

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The movie is about a conspiracy by Satya, a family physician of Biswajit. He wanted to take over all the property of Biswajit. So he used Sandhya as his weapon to trap Biswajit. Sandhya gets married to Biswajit and they have a daughter named Debashree. But Sandhya got killed by Satya when she refuses to kill Biswajit. Satya once again ...

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A newly married couple set out to have a gala time on their honeymoon. However, the turn of events are quite the opposite of that. Their Handycam supposed to record their fun times actually recorded the haunting footage of a woman! Who is she & what does she lead this couple to…

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