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Anamika Mukherjee, a woman in her early 20’s, is a smart corporate lady and a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan. She is the hopeless romantic who is out there to find her perfect match. And her benchmark? SRK obviously! She believes in the perfect romance, some one who would come a sweep her off her feet. Someone who would ...

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Manas is an insurance agent. He lives with his wife Mamata and son Shamik. Mamata is dissatisfied by her husband’s outlook and dreams of bringing up her son differently. But, when Shamik grows up he starts rebelling against his mother’s decisions and dominance.

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Sandip, an unemployed youth, is forced to leave his beloved Rina in order to work for a politician, Prakash Som. Prakash asks Sandip to kill Tribeni, his political rival. But Sandip couldn’t do it and Tribeni falls for Sandip. Sandip refused to marry but Tribeni offers a huge amount of dowry to Sandip’s dad. Sandip’s dad is greedy and agrees ...

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Prashanta when in difficulty was deceived by his own employee Aditya. He was not only robbed of his company but also his love. The drama takes a twist when Prashanta’s daughter and Aditya’s son fall in love. In is an irony that Aditya’s son stands against him and fights against all his crimes. Prashanta starts regaining his business. Finally Aditya ...

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Brijlal Dutta, a shrewd business man plots to kill his friend and partner, Baidyanath Mukherjee and his 3 year old son, but Baidyanath manages to save his son by throwing him in the bushes before his car fell off the cliff. His son, Ashish is later brought up by a doctor and he falls in love with Dutta’s daughter. The ...

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Gupi Gayen

Gupi is a countryside boy who has a born talent of singing. Gupi has a legacy of singing in his family, his grandfather was a famous classical singer and his father was also a great singer, but he failed to get success in his life and died in his early age. The whole anger and frustration of Gupi’s mother fall ...

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