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Roop, a young guy from a well to do joint family gets married to a sweet and homely girl Mani, a decision taken in a haste due to pressure from his family. His accidental marriage, soon turns out to be a hellish experience when Roop gets puzzled by the weird and unpredictable behavior of Mani, who remains untraceable frequently without anyone ...

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Byomkesh Bakshi

The film opens on a small coalfield town. After being troubled by a series of unexplained events that occur suddenly, the owner of a coalmine in the small town seeks the help of Byomkesh Bakshi to sort out the problems that plague him. When Byomkesh arrives with his trusted confidante Ajit, they discover a maze of crimes that revolve around ...

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A free-spirited Indian scientist, Professor Neelakantan also an inventor, formulates a time-machine. Neelakantan’s two grandchildren Varsha and Vikas are naughty and playful. One day when Neelakantan was not in his laboratory, the two kids in their casual play mode rev up the time machine. Neelakantan, in order to save them too, gets transported to the ancient age along with his grandchildren. ...

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Alik Sukh

The movie upholds the present scenario of the doctors in the city. Dr. Kingshuk Saha faces a huge problem due to his carelessness which caused the death of a pregnant lady named Kabita Mondol. She died a bitter death while Dr. Kingshuk who was supposed to operate her was busy with his own priority. Kabita’s husband Biswajit along with a horde ...

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Ekti Bangali Bhooter Goppo

Anirban & Amrita have been married, for a long time. However, the relationship merely exists for namesake! Although Amrita finds solace in Ronny (who have deep feelings for her), she considers him a friend & nothing more. As the story proceeds, their lives take a massive u-turn, when during an altercation between Ronny & Anirban – the latter gets killed. Things ...

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