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Director : Manoj Michigan

Cast : Samadarshi, Anindita, Saheb Bhattacharya, Saswata Chatterjee

The story highlights not only about a dream of a man to be a film director but also about the lives of other two men Nikhil and V.K. Nikhil who, works in a corporate organization. He desires to get married and his father fixes his marriage with a sweet girl named Riya. The twist is V.K also feels for the same girl but he couldn’t ever tell it to her. Aditya is the one who aspires to be a movie maker and he struggles a lot regarding this but couldn’t find any financier. Ankita is another character in the story who is not only a friend of Riya but also the love of Aditya. Aditya tries to help V.K to be together with Riya. Aditya goes to Papubhai and requests him to finance his film. As Papubhai has a passion for  films, hit songs etc, he decides to support the movie with money. Everything was going in accordance with the plan Aditya set up but it turned as a Boomerang. The movie is a romantic comedy which can be a real stress buster.