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Director : Sachin Adhikari

Cast : Tapas Pal, Rachana Banerjee, Dipankar De, Victor Bannerjee

Manual D’Costa, a family man with a son and a wife gets a job in a sawmill. Bilas is the owner of the mill and has an eye on Manual’s wife. Nag bhusan is a criminal with whom Bilas is closely associated. Bilas molested Manual’s wife and killed Manual. Their son Shakti finished off one of the criminals who had hand in Manual’s murder. Soon Shakti was sent to jail. When he comes back from jail, he stayed at his friend Rajendra’s house. Titli Shakti’s childhood friend fell in love with him. Together they dreamt of living their life but destiny had  planned something else. Both of them lose their lives at the hands of Bilas. Bilas too gets shot by Rajesh. Though a sad conclusion, but its strongly emphasizes that, how Titli and Shakti gave up their lives to rescue Rimjhim, their friend .