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Director : Tutul Banerjee

Cast : Deba, Piu, Rina Chowdhury, Sumit Gangopadhyay, Mrinal Mukherjee & Others

A businessman and his wife are killed by goons. The children escape, but are separated. The girl is raised by a lady doctor and the boy by a school teacher.

Years later, Partho catches a thief who steals the handbag of a girl, who is actually Partho’s elder sister Urmila. A shocked Partho severs all ties with girlfriend Asha realizing that her uncle is his parents’ murderer.

In a party, Partho sings his father’s song and Urmila recognizes him as her brother. Partho rescues Asha and Urmila when Asha’s uncle kidnaps them and the police arrest the villains.