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Ebar Jombe Moja

Director : Premendu Bikash Chaki

Cast : Ishan Majumder, Aviraj, Prithwiraj Banerjee, Sanghamitra Roy, Ujjaini Banerjee, Ayoshi Talukdar, Taranga, Sudeshna Roy and Abhjit Guha.

Kaushik, Nirmal and Abhijeet are office colleagues, completely bored with their mundane life at work and at home. They need to relax, they need a change, they need some excitement in their life which can give them a break from their responsibilities and duties professionally and personally.

So all three of them decide to take a break and go to a resort in suburban Kolkata and just chill out and have a great time themselves without disclosing anything to their wives and family. They tell their wives that they are going on an office tour to Mumbai.

On the other hand the wives of Kaushik, Abhijeet and Nirmal also meet and plan to enjoy and stay together and make full use of their freedom since their husbands are out of town.

But suddenly Upali gets a call from her maternal uncle who informs her that he has seen Kaushik and his colleagues at a Resort in Suburban Kolkata having fun with some other women and getting intimate with them. All three wives are shocked to the core. They immediately decide that they all would go to that Resort together and catch their husbands red-handed and make them pay for this, but without their notice. What follows is a rib tickling comedy of errors.

Will the wives be able to catch their husbands? Or are the husbands going to be fooled by their clever wives? To find out watch the Zee Bangla Cinema Originals Film “Ebar Jombe Moja”, and be a part of this hilarious journey.