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Ekta Bhalobasar Golpo

Director : Sujit Kumar Paul

Cast : Mainak Banerjee, Anamika Chakraborty, Sean Banrjee, Namita Chakraborty, Bikash Bhowmik & Others

Arjun, Amit and Ria are very close college friends since their graduation days. One day Amit surprised everyone with a good news – He has accepted a job offered by a MNC.

He wants to celebrate with his friends. Arjun is very happy for Amit, but he says he cant participate in the celebration because his mother is not well. Ria was reluctant to join as well, since the three of them have always been together. But Arjun insists that she shouldn’t spoil the fun and go ahead with the others.

They go off to celebrate at a resort where Amit surprisingly proposes to Ria. Amit explains to a confused Ria that he has always loved her but could never express his feelings for her. After much deliberation Ria accepts Amit’s proposal. But she has one condition…..She wants to meet Arjun, alone, for one last time before getting married and promises that she will never ever meet Arjun again.

Ria visits the hospital to meet Arjun, but after reaching there finds that Arjun himself has been admitted to the hospital. Doctors are suspecting a rare case of jaundice. Arjun has confided in his close friend Pritha who is taking care of him. Ria gets to know that it is Amit himself who has admitted Arjun and is paying for his treatment. When she faces the reality, Ria has a huge fight with Amit & is appalled by his insensitivity for keeping such a big secret from her.

Despite their broken relationship, Ria now wants to look after Arjun in such a health condition. But Amit convinces Riya to leave Arjun alone and allow him to rest and recover. Upon recovery, Amit himself drives down Arjun home. But with the turn of fate, Amit himself meets with a fatal accident while driving Arjun back home. Amit fights for his life and gets paralysed. Ria cant take this anymore. She accuses Arjun for everything and blames him for trying to kill Amit!

What will happen to Riya and Amit’s relationship? Will it survive the test of time…? Are Riya, Amit and Arjun still going to be friends…?