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Goyenda Gogol

Director : Arindam Dey

Cast : Abhijit Ghosh, Indraneil Sengupta, Rachana Bannerjee, Saheb Chatterjee, Ankita

The script is based on Shonali Paharer Rahasya by Samaresh Basu. The director has made it much more interesting with the appearance of the youngsters. Gogol, a student of class six  is basically a fictional character who is adventurous, curious and better known as Goyenda Gogol. His face is adorned with spectacles and his bag consists of compass, magnifying glass, a tab and many other things which supports him in sorting out tough cases. Gogol goes to Puri to enjoy his vacation with his parents and comes across a haunted building named Mandar Villa. This building has a story behind it and it is said one who goes inside it never returns. Gogol owing to his curiosity couldn’t resist himself from going inside and find out the actuality. A professor named Neil Senapati, the villain of the movie kidnaps Gogol for a rare piece of diamond which, Amrit (a drug dealer) and his men had kept into Gogol’s bag without his prior knowledge. Ashok Thakur another detective rescued Gogol from that Hanabari. The adventures, suspense made the movie a perfect watch for the kids.