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IPS Aishwarya

Director : BHARATH P

Cast : Mumaith Khan, Prabhakar, Pradeep Rawat, Sayaji shindey,J eva

The story deals with the central character Aishwariya and her bravery. She was born in a small village called Telengana. She lost her parents because of natural disaster. Her sister Durga’s husband was a corrupt and a wicked man who, used Durga for his selfish motives in his political career.  Aishwariya’s brother –in- law when tried to assault her, Durga along with her escaped from that place. Durga in order to save her sister’s life fell as a victim to the dogs of her husband and lost her life. Aishwariya grew up to be a brave and stronger IPS officer but could not forgive all those who were responsible for Durga’s death. One by one she finishes them off who took her only guardian away and fulfilled her revenge.