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Jadu Kadai

Director : Meghdut Rudra

Cast : Rahul, Sayani Dutta, Joydip Kundu, Dipanwita Nath, Amit Saha, Padmanabha Dasgupta & Others.

One day, Bikram finds a Magic Wok (Kadai). The utensil was endowed with special powers! Unknowingly, he buys the wok and starts cooking in it. While doing so, a lot of his wishes started coming true. Surprised and convinced at the same time that the wok has magical powers, he tries to find out the history behind it. He find out that the wok used to belong to his own family, and it had the power to make the Sen scion’s wishes comes true. Multiple incidents follow. Maganlal tries to get hold of the kadai to use it for his own evil plans. Bikram’s life changes drastically, as he has to stop the Maganlal from mis-using the wok. The film captures the bizarre scheme of things in a comedic manner. A light-hearted feel good story of an underdog achieving his dream, with a little help from ‘magic’.