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Director : Satyajit Roy

Cast : Chabi Biswas, Padma Debi, Kali Sarkar, Pinaki Sengupta, Tulsi Lahiri

Biswambhar Roy, a renowned zamindar who was rather more famous for arranging grand ‘Jalshaghar’ is towards the end of his reign. But nothing could suppress his love and passion for music. Mahim, an ordinary man of the village made quite some money. He too started arranging Jalshaghar giving a tough competition to Biswambhar. This wounded Biswambhar’s ego badly. When he needed money, Mahim offered to lend him some but he bluntly refused. The movie adeptly shows how a Zamindar, in spite of facing the decline of the system, gave up many things. But he never bent down in order to, maintain his royal dignity and respect. He also dies a kingly death, where we find his turban lying on the river bank symbolizing his regality.