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Directed by Prafulla Chakraborty, Jamalaya Jibanta Manush is a roller-coaster laughter riot. This 1958 classic comedy has veterans like Chabi Biswas, Bhanu Bandhopadhyay, Jahar Roy, Pahari Sanyal and Tulsi Chakraborty among others.

Siddheshwar aka Sidhu is a brave, young social worker who tries to help everybody. He does not care about the rules of the caste system existing in society during that period. Sidhu is in love with Madhuri who is the daughter of a rich man called Hari. When Sidhu marries Madhuri against Hari’s wish, Hari injures Sidhu. Madhuri commits suicide thinking Sidhu to be dead. A heartbroken Sidhu leaves the village to reach the city where he is kidnapped by Yama’s men who lack a dead body. They decide to kill Sidhu before reaching hell but are fooled by Sidhu, who enters Yama’s court alive!

Sidhu threatens to reveal the corruption in the newspapers once he is back on Earth and Yama tries to pacify Sidhu. But Sidhu chases Yama and Chitragupta out of hell and changes all the rules in favour of the humans. Yama complains to Lord Vishnu who orders Narada to persuade Sidhu. But Sidhu fools Narada by asking him to sing modern songs. Lord Vishnu visits Sidhu in disguise and learns about the suffering endured by humans. Vishnu blesses Sidhu and orders him to return to Earth. Before leaving, Sidhu meets all the Gods and Madhuri in Indralok. The two perform a modern dance in Indra’s court, impressing all the Gods. Indra requests Sidhu to teach modern dance to the apsaras. But Sidhu has to return to Earth now leaving Madhuri behind. Sidhu and Madhuri request Goddess Lakshmi to reunite them and she forces Lord Vishnu to restore Madhuri back to life.

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