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Jayo Jayo Debi

Director : Arijit Chakrabarty

Cast : Sanchaari Das, Neha Amandeep, Saptarshi Maulik, Saborni Saha, Rishav Basu, Anindya Bose, Pabitra Denre, Arnab Biswas, Amlan Majumder, Buddhadev Bhattacharya, Pritha Sengupta & Others

This is a story of a group of young friends. Six of them are Chandu, Torsha, Nanu, Godai, Oindrilla and Aleya. Interestingly, there are some relationship building up this group. Godhai feels for Torsha who loves Chandu but Chandu has feelings for Oindrilla. On the other hand, Nanu is in love with Aleya. But no one is sure about their feelings. They all dream to have their love, but they have no fixed girlfriend or boyfriend to get along. With this wish, they decide to organise a Saraswati Puja this year in their neighbourhood so that all young people from other localities also come and join. However, they are not getting enough support from elders to raise the required fund for the puja. They used one of the popular boudi of the para to influence elders and eventually succeed to raise the fund. To make their Saraswati puja different, they invite a modern and young priest who chants his mantra in Rap style. When Nanu finally fails to get the idol, they steal the idol from another neighbourhood and solve this vital issue & make the event a grand success. However, at the end, none of the relationship materialises except for Chandu and Torsha’s and also Aleya and the priest develop a liking for each other. But, they are all surprised to see that the Rapping priest who goes on chanting mantra as a DJ throughout the day has attracted all young people to their Saraswati puja.