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Director : Abhijit Guha and Sudeshna Roy

Cast : Raja Goswami, Geetashree, Chhanda Chatterjee, Srikanta Manna, Mou Bhattacharya, Sudeshna Roy, Satyam & Others

The Roychoudhury family is a rich and influential family. Two brothers of the family Soumen and Souren, have a son each…..Amlan and Ajin. Ajin has just returned from England after clearing the Bar Examination. Amlan, his younger cousin brother is still studying law in a Law College in Kolkata. Ajin is Amlan’s role model. On Ajin’s return, the family decides that Ajin should also involve himself in some family holdings and take certain responsibilities on behalf of his father and uncle. Soumen and Souren then ask Ajin to visit their old ancestral home in Moubhandar, Purulia accompanied by Amlan. Although the Roychudhury’s have won the ownership dispute centering the property in Moubhandar, but out of kindness they have allowed Protima Debi and her granddaughter Mita to continue living in this house as Protima Debi has been taking care of this property in their absence since many years.

Ajin’s task now is to evict them and take charge of the house legally as now the members of the Roychoudhury family have decided to turn this mansion into a Tourist Resort in Purulia. Ajin and Amlan both set for Moubhandar. After reaching Purulia, while searching for their mansion in Moubhandar, Ajin and Amlan meet a girl who takes them round and round the place in order to find Roychoudhury Villa. Finally both the brothers find the old house and receive a warm welcome from old Protima debi. At dinner they discover that Mita, the girl who had taken them all over the place in the morning is Protima Debi’s granddaughter and lives in their mansion. Amlan and Mita become friends very soon but Ajin and Mita just doesn’t strike a friendly chord with each other from the beginning. Ajin is rather very irritated with Mita’s wild behavior in the morning.

Ajin and Amlan come to know that Mita is a part of the “Jhansi Bahini” in Moubhandar and they take drastic steps and protest against ‘Child Marriage’ in their village. One such incident happens in the village when ‘Ganesh’ a member of Mita’s All Women Chou Dance group, who is underage but still forced to get married by her family. Mita with the help of Suparna Di, a social worker and teacher in the village and Ajin and Amlan stops this marriage and saves Ganesh. After this incident, Ajin and Amlan naturally get threatened by the local panchayat leaders and they ask them not to mess with the villagers and mind their own business and leave the village.

Biresh, a local leader gets overtly concerned about Mita and Protima Debi once he comes to know that Protima Debi along with Mita has to leave the Roychoudhury Villa. Biresh proposes to marry Mita as his earlier wife has passed away long time back and he needs to raise two small children who needs a mother. Biresh also promises Protima Debi that he would take care of protima Debi and Mita throughout his life and they no longer need to find a place to stay now. Under such circumstances poor Protima Debi agrees to Biresh’s proposal , as she has no place to go, but Mita cleary tells her grandmother that although she is of marriageable age, she will never marry someone like Biresh who is much older to her and also that she intends to pursue her studies and become a teacher first.

But Mita faces the consequences of all her protests. Will Mita be able to fight back the evil forces behind her in the village..? Will Ajin as a lawyer be able to save Mita from the villagers and the Panchayat leaders..???