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Joy Maa Durga

Director : Raaj Mukherjee

Cast : Roosha Chatterjee, Somraj Maity, Paran Bandyapadhyay, Sudip Mukherjee & Others.

The movie celebrates Durga Puja, the biggest festival in West Bengal and Bengalis around the world. Set in the backdrop of a typical North Kolkata household, during Durga Puja, it’s a love story of Sayani, a graduate and Joy, an artist who graduated from Government Art College.

On the 100th year of their ancestral Durga Puja, Sayani’s father Mohon babu had thought of combining their “Parar Puja” and family Puja together. Meanwhile Sayani’s grandfather, Manash babu dreams of Maa Durga, where she expresses her wish to be worshipped in the Mukherjee household on the 100th year of their ancestral Puja. So finally Durga Puja happens at the Mukherjee household itself involving the entire neighborhood.

Mohon gets Joy, who hails from a poor family takes up this assignment and begins making the idol at the Mukherjee household. During his stay at the Mukherjee house while making the idol, Sayani finds a friend in Joy. Their bond strengthens and they fall in love. The local councillor, Mohon babu, sayani’s father doesn’t accept their relationship at all.