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Kali Amar Maa

Director : Shantilal Soni

Cast : Anju Ghosh, Sanjib Dasgupta, Soma Chakrabarty, Utpal Basu

The movie emphasizes on the faith in God. The girl named  Lakshmi and her father Shiba (a van driver) both r devotees of goddess Kali. Lakshmi’s stepmother Maloti, however, was not a trustworthy person. But Shiba always tried to safeguard Laksmi. It is often viewed in the movie that whenever any disaster falls upon the family, Lakshmi’s prayers always gets responded by Maa Kali. When Shiba was seriously injured, he recovered quite fast with the help of Anjan and by the blessings of Maa kali. Later Anjan and Lakshmi gets married and overcome all the barriers because of the faith that Lakshmi has on Maa, devotion and her hard work. The movie teaches that the divine power blesses a person who doesn’t give up.