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Kangal Malsat

Director : Suman Mukkhopadhay

Cast : Kabir Suman, Kaushik Ganguly, Shantilal Mukherjee, Ushasie Chakraborty, Kamalika Banerjee, Joyraj Bhattacharjee, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Miss Jojo & Others

Flying human beings called Fyataroos join hands with a Black Magic sect called Choktors and their head Bhodi, to declare a total war against the ruling communists of West Bengal. The ageless primordial talking crow Dandabayash and an Indo-colonial half breed named Begum Johnson are their chief advisors in this historic war. Guerilla attacks are launched against the Communist Government and the West Bengal police is taken by complete surprise. The Government is forced to surrender and offer a peace proposal. This political film dissects everything that is wrong in Kolkata using a cinematic lens focusing on fantasy and farce.