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Director : KIRAN KUMAR

Cast : Nagarjuna, Mumtha, Mohan Das, Anushka Setty etc

The movie centers on a fun loving boy (played by Ravi Krishna). He is not at all ambitious or concerned about his career. His parents were very fond of him. Problem in the story arises, when the sister (played by Tamannah) of an anti social turned minister (Atul Kulkarni) came to the college where Ravi studied. Tamannah was a pamepered and spoiled girl. She used to even change the teachers and principals of the college with the help of her brother.
Ravi was in a relationship with a servant’s daughter (played by Ileana) from the same college. She always encouraged Ravi to perform well and answer Tamannah’s insults. A big clash started between Tamannah and Ravi. Tamannah was very stubborn and always tried to create misunderstandings between Ravi and Ileana. Tamannah wanted to marry Ravi so, Atul made the life of Ileana and Ravi worse. Ravi fought all the obstacles. The movie ended with Tamannah’s death.