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Director : Rupak Majumdar

Cast : Samadarshi,Riddhima,Paran Bandopadhya,Sumit Samaddar, Apurva Roy, Sourav Chatterjee

Rupak Mazumdar in his movie Kidnapper, shows the lives of three ignored kids, how and why they got abducted. Bubka was a struggler in the city who did queer jobs but introduced himself as a sales executive to his girlfriend Koel. Koel is very possessive about Bubka. Bubka along with his two friends (played by Sourav Chatterjee and Apurbo Roy) are tenants in a house. The landlord Bulu da, when he doesn’t get the rent on time threw them out of his house demanding his money. He even in disgust told them that they can arrange money in any illegal way they want. Bubka’s unemployed friends after showing much patience in looking for jobs gave up. They decided to ‘kidnap’ kids and gather some money. They even worked accordingly with their plan of trapping four kids among which one unfortunately was Koel’s nephew. The movie creates much confusion when Bubka wants to release the kids .But the kids had a lovely time with their KIDNAPPERS !!.They were kept much protected and their lives changed a lot. The story becomes more comical when a real kidnapper with a funny name Top UpBhai attempts to pick up three of these kids .How will the kids reach their homes??Will Koel come to know about Bubka ?? Actors like SamadarshiDutta ,RidhimaGhosh,ParanBandopadhyay have done a fabulous job to make people laugh.