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Director : Abhimanyu

Cast : Biswajeet, Sandhya Roy, Utpal Dutta, Chaya Debi, Satya Banerjee, Sumita Sanyal

The movie is about a conspiracy by Satya, a family physician of Biswajit. He wanted to take over all the property of Biswajit. So he used Sandhya as his weapon to trap Biswajit. Sandhya gets married to Biswajit and they have a daughter named Debashree. But Sandhya got killed by Satya when she refuses to kill Biswajit. Satya once again planned a new game. Sandhya’s twin sister impersonating Sandhya perturbed Biswajit mentally. Sumita, a governess of Debashree, finds her talking to Sandhya every night. Soon she discovers the entire game of Satya and reveals everything to police and Biswajit. Satya gets imprisoned and Biswajit marries Sandhya’ s twin sister.