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Love Letter

Director : Bidula Bhattacharjee

Cast : Ankita Chakraborty, Anamika Chakraborty, Rajib Basu, Manoj Ojha & Others

This is the story of a young urban couple Pihu and Babin. They loved each other and with the consent of their families, they were all set to get married too. But their immaturity leads to fights and eventually they break up.

The story begins on the day of Pihu’s wedding. She is getting married today. An arranged marriage pretty much on her own wish. Just when she was about to put her jewellery on, her mother urges her to seek blessings of their Kuldevta. Dressed in her wedding attire, she reaches the temple when suddenly out of nowhere someone grabs and shoves her into a car. Distressed Pihu is shocked to figure out that Babin has kidnapped her, turning a deaf ear to her protests! Pihu finally gives up and pleads Babin to drop her home by 11pm in time for her wedding. It is too late for her to change her decision and marry Babin.

They finally stop at a roadside tea stall. While they head back, Babin finds a man’s wallet lying on the road near his car. The story takes a new turn. Babin finds an old love letter inside it written by some Seema to Amit. After reading the letter, Babin feels he should return it to its owner and convinces Pihu to accompany him. They track down the address to reach an old age home, where they find Seema. Now crippled with Arthritis, Seema auntie is a reclusive person. After much pleading she agrees to meet the couple. Then unfolds the story of her long lost love Amit, her professor who loved her much to the dislike of her family. Pihu and Babin stay back that night, listening to Seema auntie’s story and obviously Pihu’s wedding doesn’t happen. Her failed love story moves them. Coincidentally the old age home’s caretaker informs them that Amit uncle actually sends money for Seema auntie without her knowledge. They rush to Amit uncle’s house to find him still single and convince him to reunite with Seema auntie. Meanwhile, back home both the families have filed a missing report and are frantically searching for Babin and Pihu.