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Mama Bhagne

Director : Anup Sengupta

Cast : Prosenjit,Ranjit Mullick, Ananya Chatterjee

Raja is a lazy boy who could never manage to pass in his exams. He was much encouraged and spoiled by his uncle. Both of them had a very friendly relationship. Raja wanted to marry a rich girl. But he misunderstood Payel as the daughter of a big businessman and married her. But later he came to know that his wife is actually the daughter of a gardener who works in the house of a rich man. He got disgusted with this fact and showed his real self in a party. Leaving Payel he went back to the village but there also the doors got closed for him because of his greedy intention. On the other hand Raja’s poor father- in- law won a lottery and it changed their fate. Raja realized his fault and returned back to Payal but she refused to accept him as her husband. To compensate all these he took the job of a mechanic and worked day and night to keep Payel and their would be child happy. The movie picturizes the struggles that, Raja went through to get back his wife and how he successfully does that is the main climax. It has a lot of comic elements entertaining the audience as well.