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Director : Anjan Chowdhury

Cast : Tapas Paul, Chumki Chowdhury, Ranjit Mallick, Anup Kumar, Dilip Roy

Avinash’s wife being a social worker won awards on parents’ approach to children. But she was so busy with her work that she never focused on her daughter Mamata. Maya brought up Mamata with motherly affection. Maya herself was an ill-fated woman who was thrown out of her house. Maya’s mother in law held her responsible for her husband’s (Anil) miserable condition. Mamata in the meantime developed a relationship with Ananda, brother of Gautam (proprietor of a tea estate). Avinash could not accept her daughter’s relationship with Ananda. He snatched Ananda’s  garage with his financial power. Mamata was sent to her aunt’s house. There she met Gautam and he came to know about everything. He bought his brother’s garage back from Avinash paying a high price. Ananda and Mamata finally got married even after worst conditions created by Avinash. However, Avinash understood that her daughter is big enough to take her own decisions and that Ananda would keep her happy.