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Director : Narayan Ghosh

Cast : Prasenjit,Rituparna Sengupta,Labony Sarkar,Biplab Chatterje,Lily Chakrabarty

Joy, the only son of Mrs Chowdhury (owner of a tea plantation) gets seriously injured in an accident planned by Milesh, manager of Mrs Chowdhury. Joy married Asha and  soon she conceived. She was thrown out of the house due to class conflict. Asha and Joy’s son, Rabin grew up to be a brave man. He gets into a relationship with Disha. Rabin, when comes to know about the past makes a decision to place her mother in that place which she deserves. He goes through a lot of problems but becomes successful in his aim. At the same time, Mrs Chowdhury becomes aware of Milesh’s intentions. The movie is a family drama of 1998 in which director Narayan Ghosh portrays strong emotions. Actors like Prosenjit, Rituparna, Lily Chakraborty excellently brings out the little nuances that exist in a family.