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Mr. Fantoosh

Director : Raj Mukherjee

Cast : Prasanjit, Rachana Banerjee, Anshuman, Malabika, Bijoy Mahanty

The movie is about Palash played by our very own Prasenjit Chatterjee. Palash after getting graduated in engineering field comes back to the slum where he lived. He gets a grand welcome as he is the only educated person among the slum dwellers. Life was going smooth unless Palash was offered a job by a cunning wealthy builder named Pratap Dutta. Pratap wanted to use Palash as a weapon to acquire the land on which the slum exists. By the time Palash realizes Pratap’s scheme, it was too late. Palash and his father got humiliated and arrested according to the plan of Pratap. Palash is even shot down and has been announced dead. The story brings its climax when Mr.Funtoosh who looks similar to Palash comes to the scene and punishes everyone who harmed Palash and his family. But surprising the viewers, Palash who is alive and was saved by some immobile person named Mr. Funtoosh, takes an entry and the rest of the movie is about how Pratap’s injustice and crimes come to an end.