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Cast : JR.NTR, Rakshit, Sanghavi, MS Narayana, Bramhanandm

Jr.NTR has played the double role of both the father and son in this action thriller movie. The movie narrates the tale of a hard working leader of labour Shonkor (Jr.NTR), who went into a clash with a big gangster from the underworld (Sayaji Shinde). Shonkor as time passed by became a gangster. Sayaji Shinde in this process murdered Shonkor and his wife. But a trustworthy acquaintance of Shonkor saves their son from the hands of Sayaji. Shonkor’s son Munnabhai grew up to be courageous and strong guy in the slum area. As father and son looked alike, it was easy for Sayaji to track him. At the same time Shonkor’s son Munna came to know all the truth about his family from that trusted acquaintance. Soon Munna sets out on a mission to take the revenge of the death of his parents from Sayaji and got victory.