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Director : Sukhen Das

Cast : Arjun Chakraborty, Poonam Dhillon, Utpal Dutta, Biplab Chatterjee, Rajeshwari Roy Choudhuri, Sukhen Das, Papia Adhikari

Nyay Danda is a perfect family drama directed by Sukhen Das with music by Ajoy Das. The movie beautifully portrays how honest effort, faith, patience and family unity can help one win over even the most difficult of circumstances.Mohan Majumdar (Arjun Chakraborty) is an honest police officer who has a happy family in wife Seema (Poonam Dhillon) and daughter Mili. But Mohan cannot tolerate the corruption nexus of wicked politician and his rich father in law Usha Babu (Utpal Dutta) and corrupt police officer Digon Ghosh (Biplab Chatterjee). Mohan protests and is falsely implicated to be sent to jail for six years. His wife is raped by the minister and daughter supposedly murdered. Mohan’s world comes crashing down. But Mohan’s wife Seema is given shelter at advocate Monica Chatterjee’s ( Rajeshwari Roy Choudhuri)  house. Seema has a singing talent and becomes a famous stage singer in time.  Mili is adopted and brought up by Chami (Sukhen Das) and his wife Basanti (Papia Adhikari) when they find her lost. Mohan vows revenge and plans to get his family back and the wicked nexus in jail. The focus of the film is how the poor are exploited by the rich in our world. Watch Nyay Danda only on ZBC!