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Paan Supari

Director : Anindita Sarbadhicari

Cast : Tathagata Mukherjee, Tumpa Das, June Mallya, Kushal Chakraborty

Sunny aka Sandeep is a contract killer, a suave perfectionist who never leaves any trace of his crime. The transaction of money and information for his contracts happen through a paan shop run by Chaturvedi. Phooltushi is a pretty girl who has run away from her village to Kolkata. The naïve girl falls prey to a woman trafficking gang. Somehow she succeeds to escape them and bumps into Sunny in a dingy narrow lane of North Kolkata. Sunny offers her shelter and work at a fashion designer, Labannya’s house, as a nanny for her two little sons. Sunny and Phooltushi gradually get attracted towards each other. Sunny initially doesn’t disclose anything about his profession to Phooltushi for the fear oflosing her.

They keep seeing each other and their love develops. When Sunny finally decides to disclose the truth to Phootushi, again he receives another contract. The notorious mafia don from Mumbai, Venky is in town.

Sunny has to go and kill Venky within an hour. So, he postpones his confession and sets on his mission to kill Venky. In the meantime, Phooltusi accidently arrives at the place of shooting and discovers the real truth about Sunny. Sunny confesses to Phooltushi that he was a runaway boy living in a railway station and a certain Biltuda had introduced him to the world of crime, starting with drug peddling and ended up with contract killing. He was ready to give it all up, if only Phooltushi reciprocated his love for her. But, after the initial shock, instead of getting put off or disgusted, contrary to Sunny’s anticipation, Phooltushi actually gets fascinated by his confession and expresses her desire to be his partner in crime. A strange situation now arrives where Sunny wants to be out of this heinous profession whereas naïve Phooltusi wants to pursue it with juvenile enthusiasm. What will happen in the future? Will they be a happily married couple and lead a normal life OR would they turn into a pair of Supari killers? Watch out for this fun filled and youthful romcom ‘Paan Supari’