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Director : Prince

Cast : Sani, Binni, Debraj Roy, Bhola Tamang, Sumit ganguly, Asish Sasmal, Anamika Saha, Ramen Roy Choudhury

Kali, a local gangster gets away with all the criminal activities because he is under the safe shelter of the officer in charge of the police station, Pritam. The locality is always alarmed with the fear of Kali. Anyone who comes in his way or raises his voice against him, is finished off. Rohit, the hero of the film loses his sister, father and mother one by one. The father is convicted on fake charges, sister gets killed for witnessing a murder .Mother gets slayed on account of protesting. Rohit after the entire tragedy goes through a metamorphoses and becomes revengeful. He makes it a point to harm everyone who has in some way or the other perpetrated violence against his family.