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Director : Pankaj Bani

Cast : Parthasarathi, Rali Nanda, Bhumi, Debu Das, Mihir Das, Aparajita Mahanti & Others

Parakrami meaning the mighty is about a brave and kind doctor named Avinash. The story revolves around these characters, Dr. Avinash, Kanak, Bijuda and the landlord – Durjoti Babu. Dr Avinash is transferred to a remote village. Upon arriving there he realises the miserable state of the villagers. He learns that the plight of the villagers is due to the cruel landlord Durjoti Babu. Durjoti Babu sells the land of the villagers to a businessman for money. Dr Avinash and Bijuda pledge to help the villagers and struggle to bring justice to the villagers.