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Director : Raj Mukherjee

Cast : Firdous, Gargi Roychoudhury, Pratik, Pamela, Mainak, Rajesh Sharma, Jagannat Guha

There is always a saying ‘Honesty sometimes suffers to a big extent till it is understood’. The film portrays such a character Rajib Chowdhury, an honest passport officer who was badly harassed by Singhania. Singhania in order to escape from the country wanted help from Rajib Chowdhury. But Rajib did not help him in this unethical activity .Singhania was much furious with this and planned a big revenge against Rajib. Singhania created many problems in Rajib’s family by spoiling the relationships. He even took snaps of Rajib which misledRajib’s wife. The consequences were much serious for Rajib to not to help Singhania. But later how these problems were concluded and everyone reunited is the main part of the movie which should not be missed at all.