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Director : Ayan Chakraborti

Cast : Priyanka, Sourab Chakraborty, Ritwik, Sudipaa, Biswajit

Barsha gets married to Nabakumar against her wish. Nabakumar is madly in love with his beautiful, moody, adventurous wife. But being poles apart by nature Barsha actually fails to love Nabakumar. When the marriage was not working out Barsha reveals a shocking truth. She had married Subho ,her college friend without anybody’s knowledge much before she got married to Nabakumar. But within a month of marrying Subho, he was absconding due to his involvement in Maoist activities. The story unveils whether Barsha goes back to Subho or whether she falls in love with her present husband Naba. Watch Pichutan only on Zee Bangla Cinema