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Praner Cheye Priyo

Director : Swapan Saha

Cast : Prasenjit, Rituparna Sengupta,Tapas Paul, Anju Ghosh, Abhisekh Chatterjee

The movie tells the tale of Satyanarayan and his family. Lakshmi, Satyanarayan’s wife was a mother figure to Suman and Sumana (Satyanarayan’s step brother and sister). Bibhas Chowdhury who wanted vengeance from the family because of Lakshmi’s refusal fifteen years ago. Bibhas appoints Chaiti for this vigorous task. Raja, on the other hand, a lawbreaker was rescued by Lakshmi from police. Lakshmi’s behavior changed him to a good person. Raja fell for Sumana and got married to her. In the meanwhile, Chaiti married Suman and started to create problems in the family by giving false allegations of theft on Satyanarayan and Lakshmi. They both left the house and got support from Raja. However, the family unites at the end revealing the conspiracy hatched by Bibhas Chowdhury.