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Purnimar Chaand

Director : Rabin Das

Cast : Chandraniv Mukhopadhyay, Manali Manisha Dey, Kanchan Mallik, Pinky Banerjee, Arunavo Dutta & Others

Sweets are an integral and intrinsic part of the Bengali psyche. So much so, that the word ‘Mishti’ adequately describes a beautiful face, a melodious voice, congenial behaviour etc. ‘Purnimar Chaand’ is one such simple and sweet story of how love blossoms between the scions of 2 warring families who fight it out for bragging rights of being the better sweet-maker, and eventually triumphs, thus ending the feud and bringing the families together through the bond of matrimony.

Chaand is the only heir to the legacy of Harshabardhan Sweets and the son of Purna Das. Purnima on the other hand is the daughter of Sambhu Ghosh, who owns Janardan Mishtanna Bhandar. Very funnily, both these warring families live in the same locality of North Kolkata. Purnima is the favourite of her aunt Sabitri. A widow with a small son, living with her mother and brothers, Sabitri has lovingly brought up her niece as her own.
Chaand is also the apple of Amitbhushan’s eye, his uncle who is a bachelor and a perfect brother to Purna Das. The romance between Chaand and Purnima continues to blossom, but they fall into the depths of despair when they think of their future, or what little of it appears to them. How can they even hope to spend their lives together as a couple given the fact that their families are perpetually at each other’s throats?

Meanwhile the feud between both the sweet –making families reaches to the extent from stealing recipes of Dilkhush, Roshokodombo, Roshomadhuri, Kamalabhog, Rajbhog etc. to luring expert artisans by offering more money. Going through the various roller coaster ride of Comic dramas, both the families finally reunite at the end through the bond of Matrimony breaking the walls of their age-old rivalry……How does Purnima and Chaand finally succeed in bringing both the families together and make them accept their relationship….???