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Director : SALIL SEN


Directed by Salil Sen, the movie narrates the love story of a princess named Manju and Nirmal Chowdhury. Manju’s mother was a very strict lady and brought up Manju with good habits. She was very conservative. On the other hand, Manju and Nirmal met at Nirmal’s sister’s house where the duo fell in love with each other. Manju’s mother did not give approval to this relationship. Manju decided to marry Nirmal in a temple. But things got worst as Nirmal on his way to temple lost his visual power in an accident. Unaware of this fact Manju misunderstood Nirmal. Meanwhile, Manju’s mother passed away. She was much angry on Nirmal and decided to marry his friend, who was not a good man. Nirmal also did not inform Manju anything thinking that she does not deserve a blind man. Manju when came to know all she felt guilty for her quick judgement. The duo got married and lived happily ever after.