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Director : Sushil Mukherjee

Cast : Satabdi Roy, Anup Kumar, Tarun Kumar, Utpal Dutta and Victor Banerjee.

A criminal called Jagatpati ( Basanta Chowdhury) who posed as a saint allowed many illegal and antisocial activities to thrive in his ashram. Rameshwar Mitra (Utpal Dutt) and his family were blind followers of Jagatpati. The trouble begins when Mr. Mitra hands over his confidential file to Satyen (Satya Bandhopadhyay). Satyen is murdered for not signing his approval of rejected medicines and Rama (Satabdi) is killed as she comes to know about the fake medicines Satyen’s son Rudra (Victor Banerjee) decides to take revenge and brings Mr. Barun and his killers to justice. Thus, he repays the debt of blood from which the title of the movie (Raktareen) is derived. Watch Raktareen only on Zee Bangla Cinema!