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Director : Sachin Adhikari

Cast : Prasenjit, Chiranjit, Tapas Pal, Shatabdi Roy & Others

Abani Chowdhury, a criminal aspires to become a MLA. He takes the help of an honest man called Gopal.
Gopal helps him as Abani Chowdhury becomes the father in law of his sister Munni. But soon, Gopal realises
his mistake and wants to make amends. Abani sends him to prison, uses Munni as a maid servant, and his
people gang rape Gopal’s wife.
An honest police officer, Arindam, arrives in town and helps Gopal. They jointly take on Abani, and after a
long struggle Abani’s son kills his own father to pay for his father’s crime and goes to prison.