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Shubho Sharadiya

Director : Rajdeep Ghosh

Cast : Ritwik Chakraborty, Raima Sen, Mridul Sen, Arun Guhathakurta, Sharmila Das, Joydeep Mukherjee, Kheyali Dastidar, Arindam Ganguly, Chaitali Dutta Barman, Chhanda Karanji, Abhinandan Dutta, Arindam Haldar, Sourav Das, Moushumi Bhattacharya & Others

Shubho and Sharodiya live on the opposite ends of the same neighborhood in North Kolkata. Sharodiya’s family is eager to get her married. Her folks keep coming up with options of new suitors every day. Sharodiya though has been successfully revolting against this for a while now….Shubho’s situation is tad bit more messed up. At least, Sharodiya is a self made professional, and is successful . But the thirty-three year old Shubo, who’s always aspired to be a singer-songwriter secretly… has ultimately had to give in and inherit his father’s post in the government railway services. To top that, one fine morning Anadibabu, an astrologer by passion and a friend of Shubho’s Thakurda, drops by with a prediction- Shubho’s stars say it’s time to get him married. And the bride, so he foretells, will be found from the matrimonial ads in the newspapers.

Shubho’s grandfather thinks highly of Anadibabu’s predictions. His predictions has played a big role in the Roy family so far. Thereafter now begins the quest to find a perfect wife for Shubho.

In the middle of all the bride-hunting frenzy at home, one day Shubho confesses to his friend Naru that he is in a relationship with someone for the past four months. He knows her as ‘Khola Janla’(The open window) on facebook and she knows him as ‘Shei Hawa’(The familiar Breeze’). ). And that’s all they know about each other. They have never seen each other, nor wanted to know their real names. But what they have is the quintessential poetic love. Even then, Shubho can never gather the courage to go against his family’s wishes. Hence, he cannot tell them the truth. So Naru asks Shubho, “why then is he getting married?” Shubho doesn’t have an answer. Naru asks him to meet her and tell her everything. That very night, Shubho (Sei Hawa) and Khola Janla decide over the texts, that they will meet each other on the day of Ashtami Puja, which is in nine days. And so their love continues while Shubho’s family looks for a suitable bride for Shubho.

One day, Anadibabu comes back with a good news again. Finally, the right girl has been found! From the newspaper matrimony ads, as he had predicted! The girl’s name is Sharodiya Bandopadhyay. Soon, a meeting is fixed up and Shubho and Sharodiya’s family meet and fix their marriage without any delay. Everyone seems to be overwhelmed by the fact that their families live so close to each other in the same neighborhood! The bride and groom to-be… Shubho and Sharodiya sit dumbfounded as their families rejoice!

Will Shubho and Sharodiya finally get married…? What will happen to Shubho’s commitment to “Khola Janla”. Will they at all meet and get to know each other and disclose their real identity..?? Will their Love win finally..?