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Director : Raaj Mukherjee

Cast : Subhasish Mukhopadhyay, Pallavi Chatterjee, Ishaan Mazumdar, Ananya Sengupta & Others

Pranabda is aged nearly 60, a young man who feels his age is still around 40 years and is still young and feels bad when girls call him ‘DADU’.

Sunita, Pranabda’s wife is always suspicious about Pranab and sometimes create such awkward situations together that they both feel ashamed.

One day ‘Pranab’ returns from his office trip and as usual his suspicious wife Sunita suddenly gets the smell of a woman’s perfume from the suitcase. Sunita now is confirmed that ‘Pranab’ is lying and going on a trip with a woman which she even dreamt off during Pranab’s absence and her dream gets real when ‘Pranab’ comes back home with a luggage (Suit Case) from which Sunita gets the smell of a woman’s perfume.

She is now sure that Pranab has some extra marital affair and she shares her suspicion with her son and daughter.

Mr. Pranab tries various ways to trace his own suitcase and hilarious chain of events follow in his search. Will Pranab finally find his suitcase and be able to convince his wife Sunita?