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Sundar Bou

Director : Sujit Ghosh

Cast : Rajit Mallick,Tapas Paul, Debosree Roy, Dilip Roy, Lily Chakraborty

The sudden death Of Nanda’s mother shocked him to such an extent that he lost his speaking ability. He was continually tortured by his step-mother. But Nanda was loved by his father and step-sister. Nanda’s mother thought of getting him married so that she can avail a free maid. Nanda’s newly wedded wife did not regret but was happy with him. Amongst all these, Nanda’s step mom continued with her wicked plans all the time. Nanda’s wife could not raise her voice because of him. Problems got sorted out when Sabitri’s uncle Abhijit helped Nanda to get back his voice and ancestral property. The film ends on a happy note reuniting the family.