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Swami Chhintai

Director : Sohanur Rahaman Sohan

Cast : Sarad Kapoor, Rituparna Sengupta, Mousumi Manna & Others

Rama is a rich man who is married to Ratna. Raja is a talented photographer who worked in Rama’s studio. The story gives rise to a new angle when Tina, a model comes in the picture. Raja was in love with Tina but kept this truth to himself. But Rama and Tina got into an extra marital affair. When Ratna came to know about all this, she with the help of another wicked man took a serious attempt to harm Tina. Tina who was already pregnant with Rama’s child got terribly injured and was admitted in hospital. Things got worse and Ratna realized her mistake. The movie has many twists and turns excellently portrayed by the characters.